Sunday, 19 April 2020

MCO: 'Train teachers on social distancing in classrooms post-MCO' - NUTP

KUALA LUMPUR: The National Union of Teaching Profession (NUTP) has urged the Education Ministry to roll out a Social Distancing Pedagogical Training module in schools once the Movement Control Order (MCO) is lifted.

Its secretary-general Harry Tan said such a training should be done due to possible difficulties or uncertainties that teachers would experience while executing their duties in the “new normal” situation.

Teachers wanted to know how they would conduct group activities or convey human to human interaction after the MCO, he added.

“Teachers also want to know how to conduct student counselling sessions and classroom learning as well as teaching when students and teachers are using face masks,” he said in a statement on Saturday.

Tan said the teaching and learning strategy would depend on a concept of teachers as facilitators and students as active participants.

He said there were plenty of research on distance learning but there was barely anything on social distancing in classrooms.

“In this respect, NUTP urges the ministry to focus on the matters raised. We are of the opinion the Education Ministry should provide necessary training to teachers after the MCO ends and before the students return to schools,” he added.

He said Malaysian teachers would need effective guidance from the Education Ministry to carry out social distancing in schools.

“We are facing an unseen enemy (Covid-19). In the era of post MCO, social distancing will be the new normal in our daily lives.”

Source: The Star

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