Saturday, 8 February 2020

Penang boy who committed suicide "targeted by teachers", claims family

Source: NST
BUKIT MERTAJAM: The family of Form Four student S.K. Logamitraa, the 16-year-old who took his own life on Tuesday, is demanding answers over the boy's death.

Malaysian Tamilar Kural president David Marshel, who spoke on behalf of the family, said they believe the boy had suffered from some form of depression after being allegedly "targeted" by certain teachers at school.

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He said the boy, who was in the second last class in school, had appealed to be transferred to a better class since the start of the new school session but to no avail.

"Certain teachers would often subject the boy to shame by reprimanding him on his attire, his hair and such.

“Last month, Logamitraa was made to take off his trousers after teachers claimed it was tight-fitting and made him wear shorts for the rest of the day. Even his favourite key chain, which had been with him for a long time, was taken away from him as teachers claimed it was a sharp object.

"Everything started when he asked to change class. One thing led to another and the boy could no longer take it anymore.

"We demand answers from the school. He never had any problems before and now he is gone," he said when met at Logamitraa's final rites at his house in Taman Taman Sejahtera here this morning.

Logamitraa is survived by his parents and 15-year-old sister.

Family members were too distraught to speak to newsmen present.

Logamitraa's cousin asked for understanding that the family be given time to grieve.

Logamitraa's mother found her son hanging from a blanket tied to the ceiling fan in his room at 6pm on Tuesday.

He was rushed to the Bukit Mertajam Hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Marshel said the outcome could have been different had teachers exercised greater care and understanding when dealing with their students.

He said the boy's mother had advised her son to study harder so that he could move to a better class soon without appealing for a change.

"The day he took his life was supposed to be the first day he attended tuition class to improve his grades, but it was not meant to be," he added, adding that the boy never had any problem at home.

Meanwhile, several of Logamitraa's schoolmates claimed he was not happy after being moved to the second last class in school.

"Some of the teachers reprimanded and shamed him for the slightest thing.

"He told us that he wanted to change class but to no avail. He may not have had good grades but he didn’t fail his subjects.

"We are extremely devastated that he took his own life," said one of his school mates.

When contacted, state Education Department director Abdul Rashid Abdul Samad said they would leave it to the police to investigate.

"Internally, we will also gather details to find out the cause of the incident," hesaid.

Seberang Prai Tengah district police chief Assistant Commission Nik Roz Azhan Nik Ab Hamid said a post-mortem examination conducted on Logamitraa showed the boy died due to hanging since there were bruises on his neck.

"We did not find any internal or external injuries on the boy, ruling out foul play," he said.

Source: NST

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