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10 Commonly Used Abbreviations That You Probably Do Not Know What They Stand For

These 20 Abbreviations are used almost all the time in our everyday life, but many of us do not know (or bother) what they are in full form. Let’s track your score and see how many of these 20 abbreviations you knew what they stand for.
  • a.m/p.m
A.M & P.M stand for “Ante Meridiem” and “Post Meridiem”. In Latin, meaning “before midday” and “after midday”.
  • e.g.
E.g. stands for “Exempli Gratia”, which means “Example given” or “for example”. Here's and example: Jane loves to eat different types of fruit e.g. orange, apple and banana.
  • i.e.
i.e. stands for “id est”, a Latin phrase meaning “that is..” or “This is to say”. I.e. is used to restate an idea more clearly. Example: It happened in August i.e. two months ago.
  • etc.
In short for “etcetra”, which means “and other things”. It is used to mention the continuation of a specific list. Example: Tennis, baseball, football, etc.
  • R.S.V.P
This acronym in full form is “répondez s'il vous plait” in French. It means “Please Reply”. It is often used on invitations to ask the invited guests to indicate whether they will be able to attend.
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  • p.s.
It means “Post Script”. We usually see people stating P.S. at the end of a letter or email to include an extra thought that was intended to be included in the letter, but forgotten.
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  •  I.Q. & E.Q.
We all know what I.Q. means i.e. a number used to represent the apparent relative intelligence of a person. But what’s I.Q. in full form? It stands for “Intelligence Quotient”. Quotient here means a result obtained by dividing one quantity by another. E.Q. on the other hand stands for "Emotional Intelligence".
  • SIM card
What does SIM stand for? SIM represents “Subscriber Identity Module”. Therefore SIM Card means a smart card carrying an identification number unique to the owner.
  • ATM
Stands for “Automated Teller Machine”. And it is wrong to say ATM Machine because the abbreviation ATM has already included the word “Machine”.
  • cc &bcc
A common feature/fields in the email, CC means “Carbon Copy” while BCC means “Blind Carbon Copy”
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