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UPSR: Guidelines to write an informal letter

1. Informal letters are written to friends & relatives.
2. The format:

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3.  The language used is simple and friendly.
  • You can use contractions such as I'm, can't, they've and so on
  • For examination, do not use slang like, “Hey, Wassup.”, “gonna” , “kinda”, “wanna”

4. The format of writing an informal letter is explained in the following table:

·        The writer’s address is written at the top right-hand corner
·        For example:
25, Jalan Tebing 8/8,
Seksyen 8,
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

·        Written below the address.
For example: 6 June 2011

·        Written on the left-hand side of the letter.
Begin with:
Ø  Dear........,
For example: Dear Amin, Dear Latifah,

Ø  Dearest…….., or My dear…., (for close friends & family)
For example: Dearest father, My dear Uncle Syed, Dearest Siti,

You may begin your letter by:
·        Asking about the person’s health. For example:
Ø  How are you? I hope that you’re in the pink.
Ø  How’s your family getting on?
Ø  I’m fine and I hope you’re fine too.
Ø  I hope that you’re as fit as a fiddle.

·        Asking what the reader had been up to?
Ø  How’s the weather at your place?  Not too hot I hope.  
Ø  Did you get to visit your grandparents? 
Ø  Did you go on your trip to Paris as you had hoped?  They say Paris is a beautiful city.

·        Expressing happiness: For example:
Ø  I received your letter on…
Ø  I’m happy to receive your letter…
Ø  Thank you for your letter which I received…..
Ø  I’m so glad to hear…..
Ø  I’m glad to learn that….

·        Expressing sorrow:
Ø  I’m sorry to hear that…..

·        Expressing apology:
Ø  I’d like to say sorry for…
Ø  I’m sorry for not writing….

(Several paragraphs)
·        In the 2nd paragraph, mention your main reason for writing the letter. You may use the following phrase:
Ø  In your last letter, you wanted me to describe / advice…..
Ø  I’m writing this letter to….

(Last paragraph)
Inform the reader that you are ending the letter. You may use the following phrases:
Ø  I’ll write again soon.
Ø  Do write to me soon.
Ø  Well, that’s about all for now.
Ø  Please give/send my regards to…
Ø  Please convey my warm regards to….
Ø  Let me pen off here.
Ø  Take care of yourself.
Ø  Hope to hear from you soon.
Ø  I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Ø  Hope to receive a reply from you.
Ø  Bye / Goodbye.

Signing off
If you are writing to your parents, you can sign off using:
Ø  Your loving daughter,
Ø  Yours lovingly,
Ø  Yours affectionately

If you are writing to friends or relatives, you can sign off using:
Ø  Your friend,
Ø  Yours sincerely,
Ø  Your niece / nephew,
Sign your name at the bottomof the letter in the right-hand corner.
For example:

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