Thursday, 24 March 2016

Download English Learning Module for Prasekolah

The Preschool English Language Curriculum builds the foundation through the development of the skills of listening, speaking and early literacy. It also aims at enabling pupils to actively communicate with others in their immediate environment as well as develop an enjoyment of the language through the use of stories, poems, songs and games. Through language play they will also imagine and recreate experiences.
Vocabulary development will be facilitated through exposure of language related to familiar experiences and things in the environment as well as simple selections from pupils’ literature. Language development will be supported through the use of context including objects from the real world, pictures, puppets and other props so that language experiences will be meaningful.

English will also be learnt actively through meaningful interaction with others. Listening and speaking will include verbal and non verbal communication including the use of body language, facial expression and eye contact. Language will also facilitate the development of emergent literacy. Pupils will be exposed to written language through a variety of materials such as word cards, books, charts, labels, signs and posters. Reading is for pleasure and enjoyment.

This book consist of five modules:
  •  Module 1 - Getting To Know You And Me
  •  Module 2 - Introducing And Getting To Know The Vowels
  •  Module 3 - Getting To Know The Letters Of The Alphabet (Vowels and Consenants)
  •  Module 4 - Getting To Know Words, Phrases And Simple Sentences
  •  Module 5 - Speak, Read And Write

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