Wednesday, 6 October 2021

CEFR English Language Handbook For Primary & Secondary School Teachers

The reform in curriculum and pedagogy has to be supported by the use of internationally aligned and CEFR-compatible teaching and learning materials (English Language Education Reform in Malaysia, The Roadmap 2015-2025). The Roadmap document thus recommends that CEFR-based English Language books and materials are purchased during the first phase of the Roadmap.

At present, a number of teaching and learning resources, both in print and online, have been developed over the years by divisions of the Ministry of Education (MOE) to support the implementation of the English curriculum.

It is essential for these resources to be consolidated and coordinated to ensure their optimal use among English teachers for the maximum benefit of the learners. However, the existing resources need to be assessed in terms of their alignment with the CEFR and their potential role in CEFR-aligned teaching and learning (The Roadmap 2015-2012; pg 183)

It is hoped that this handbook can assist teachers in utilising the English Year 1 and Form 1 textbook supplied by the MOE Malaysia for the purpose of improving the delivery of the CEFR-aligned English curriculum in the classrooms.


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  1. Primary school link brought me to the secondary school document and vice versa.