Monday, 30 November 2020

Download Teacher Guide: Implementing The CEFR-Aligned Curriculum 2nd Edition - KPM

This Guide is designed to help teachers develop their own lesson plans and activities using the CEFR-aligned Curriculum Framework, Syllabus, and Scheme of Work as references. 

The content is drawn from the resource materials provided by Cambridge English (CE) at the CEFR Familiarisation, Learning Materials Adaptation (LMA), Curriculum Induction (CI) and Formative Assessment (FA) training sessions that teachers have been through.

The aims of the Guide are to enable teachers to: 

▶ use the new curriculum documents, including the CEFR aligned Curriculum Framework, Dokumen Standard Kurikulum dan Pentaksiran (DSKP), Scheme of Work (SoW) and the suggested lesson plans in planning their lessons; 

▶ teach at the appropriate CEFR level and in accordance with CEFR principles. The Guide is organised according to the following interrelated focus areas: 

▶ The Introduction relates the Guide to the wider context of the nation’s aspiration for young Malaysians with respect to their ability to use English for communication, and explains the nature of the CEFR. 

▶ Relevan t  Document s  for  Classroom  Implementation inform teachers about the documents they need to be familiar with. 

▶ The section on Writing and Planning a Lesson describes what teachers need to consider when planning and managing a lesson. 

▶ The Sample Lesson Plans suggest lesson plans that teachers can refer to. 

▶ Reviewing Teaching and Learning focuses on how teachers can use formative assessment to check pupil understanding and to obtain feedback on pupil learning

Download full version in PDF here:

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