Friday, 15 May 2020

MCO: Parent from private school seeking help to get refund for fees

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UNDER the movement control order (MCO) which was enacted to stop the spread of Covid-19, all public and private schools were closed.

This was at the time when private schools were just about to start their new term. Despite the closure, parents still had to pay the full fees for the term.

A petition was mounted on a few weeks ago to get these schools to refund at least 50% of the fees, especially those that are not fully providing lessons via online learning. The petition is still ongoing, and the issue has also been brought up to the Education Ministry.

Sad to say, the ministry merely advised the schools and parents to discuss the matter amicably. In the first place, if the schools had been willing to discuss the matter, there wouldn’t have been any petition at all. Parents would be happy with even a 30% refund.

In the issue with school bus operators, Senior Minister (security cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said that “School bus operators have no right to demand fees” and that he would bring the matter up with the Transport Minister (The Star, May 9).

Can Ismail also speak to the Education Ministry about the refund of school fees, please? It is not fair that the Education Ministry does not want to be involved in the issue since it regulates the more than 140 private and international schools in Malaysia.

If the Education Ministry is not willing to step in, it will mean these private operators can do what they want and we would have to take it or leave it. We pay a deposit when we enrol our children in these schools. We would need to inform them one term in advance should we decide to pull our children out.


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Source: The Star

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