Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Stress matters in learning English

Stress matters in English:

Here is a cool demonstration that shows what I’m talking about.

The meaning changes completely based on the word you stress. So, if you are learning English as a second language, pay attention to where you place your stress, so you don’t cause stress to the people you are speaking to.

1. [I] never said she stole your money. (Someone else did)
2. I [never] said she stole your money. (never said that)
3. I never [said] she stole your money. (implied it in some other way)
4. I never said [she] stole your money. (she didn’t, someone else did)
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6. I never said she stole [your] money. (the money wasn’t yours)

7. I never said she stole your [money]. (she stole something else.)

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