Wednesday, 11 December 2019

100 English Classroom Commands

English should be used in the classroom as much as possible. At the start of a new school year, spend a few days going through all the classroom commands that might be useful.

  1. What page are we on?
  2. I am ready. May I start it?
  3. Can I go out?
  4. Can I answer the question?
  5. Can I switch off the lights?
  6. Teacher, please can you repeat again?
  7. Can I open the window?
  8. Can we pack our things now?
  9. May I join the class/group?
  10. What is the homework?
  11. Do we have to write this down?
  12. Sorry, for being late.
  13. May I open / close the window?
  14. Can I go to the board?
  15. Can I come in?
  16. Can you explain it once more, please?
  17. May I go out please?
  18. Is this right?
  19. Is this correct?
  20. I am sorry. I did not hear.
  21. Can you speak louder, please?
  22. Which book?
  23. Can you explain that again?
  24. Whe is the exam?
  25. When is the homework for?
  26. I have done this.
  27. Can I go to the toilet?
  28. Can I pull up the blinds?
  29. Can I pulldown the blinds?
  30. Can you help me, please?
  31. Please stand up/sit down.
  32. Stand at the front of the classroom.
  33. Sit up straight.
  34. Fold your arms.
  35. Come here please.
  36. Go back to your seat.
  37. Go and stand outside.
  38. Line-up outside.
  39. Come in.
  40. Look this way.
  41. Take your books out.
  42. Take out your exercise book.
  43. Take out your text book.
  44. Put away your books.
  45. Pass your books to the front.
  46. Open your book to page 34.
  47. Open your book at the back.
  48. Close your books.
  49. Use a red pen.
  50. Draw a margin
  51. Underline the title.
  52. Draw a line.
  53. Write today's date.
  54. Start a new page.
  55. Do your corrections.
  56. Stop working and listen to me.
  57. Hands up/Raise your hands.
  58. Listen please.
  59. Quiet please.
  60. Stop talking.
  61. No talking.
  62. Are you ready?
  63. Quickly/Hurry up.
  64. Speak louder.
  65. Speak slower.
  66. Say again, please.
  67. How do you spell ........?
  68. What does ........ mean?
  69. Repeat after me.
  70. What else?
  71. Anything else?
  72. Well done/Very good.
  73. Today we are going to.......
  74. We are going to sing a song.
  75. Hand in your homework tomorrow.
  76. Who wants some help?
  77. Is it difficult?
  78. I don't understand
  79. What does this mean?
  80. I don't know how to say.
  81. Sweep the floor.
  82. Mop the floor
  83. Turn on the lights.
  84. Turn off the lights.
  85. Switch on the fan.
  86. Close the door.
  87. Open the windows.
  88. Tidy the classroom.
  89. Tidy your desks.
  90. Clean the blackboard.
  91. Who is absent today?
  92. Have you finished yet?
  93. May I go out side please?
  94. May I come in please?
  95. Who is collecting the milk today?
  96. Do you understand?
  97. Sorry I am late.
  98. You have five more minutes.
  99. We have no more time today.
  100. See you tomorrow. 

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