Thursday, 17 March 2016

UPSR Tips: Ultimate Guide To UPSR English Language Papers 013 & 014

This Ultimate Guide to English Language Papers 013 & 014 – Road to Triumph Module Series, is another initiative to help our pupils and teachers alike, to prepare them for the new UPSR English Language papers format.

This e-book is a compilation of many techniques, used and perfected over the years, to tackle some grammatical item questions and as a guide on how to teach grammar and writing with a different approach and methodology.

Some of the techniques have been used since 2008 as part of the writer's Action Research project and had develop and expanded through the course of his years of teaching. Some techniques may be unsuitable for others, but some might.

Therefore, he just hope that this e-book will benefits not only to prepare our pupils for UPSR but as part of our teaching method and strategies as well.

Ultimate Guide To UPSR English Language Papers 013 & 014

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