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SPM: Koleksi Soalan KBAT Biologi (Skema Jawapan Disediakan)

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Example of Biology HOTS question would be used starting year 2015. (Total 16 question). The Collection of Biology HOTS question included knowledge, application, and analyse question. Contoh-contoh soalan KBAT Biologi yg akan digunakan mulai thn 2015. Koleksi soalan KBAT Biologi mengandungi soalan kefahaman, menilai, aplikasi, dan mencipta.

All of the documents are saved in Google drive, click the link below for preview. You would first be directed to our sponsorlink. Skip the ads after 5 seconds. Then, click the download icon if you wish to download.
  1. Soalan 1
  2. Soalan 2
  3. Soalan 3
  4. Soalan 4
  5. Soalan 5
  6. Soalan 6 (essay)
  7. Soalan 7 (essay)
  8. Soalan 8 (essay)
  9. Soalan 9 (essay)
  10. Soalan 10
  11. Soalan 11
  12. Soalan 12 (essay)
  13. Soalan 13 (essay)
  14. Soalan 14
  15. Soalan 15 (essay)
  16. Soalan 16 (essay)

The Biology HOTS/ KBAT question is prepared by Cikgu Azrie, special thanks to him.

Biology HOTS/ KBAT question is prepared based on the requirement of the HOTS module 2014 (Modul KBAT 2014) which is printed by MOE Malaysia.

The total of 16 Biology HOTS/ KBAT Question will help students to understand the HOTS/ KBAT trend more to be well prepared for the SPM 2015.

* Hope students can be benefited by the Collection of Biology HOTS Question/ Koleksi Soalan KBAT Bio

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