Thursday, 10 March 2016

Download Picture Dictionary Suitable For KSSR Level 1

One way to learn about beginning and ending letter sounds is to look at the words in a picture dictionary. This picture dictionary below has pages that show a list of words and pictures for each beginning sound in the alphabet. It also shows a list of words and pictures for the common ending letters. The pictures themselves provide the definition for each word - there are no written definitions.

There are several ways to use the dictionary. It can be used with students who are learning the alphabet. When introducing a new letter of the alphabet, show the student the beginning sound page of words and pictures for that letter. Have the student name each picture and look at the word. Notice that all the words on the page start with the same letter. Listen for the letter sound at the beginning of each word. Even though the student is not yet able to read the words, he will immediately begin to get a sense of how letters are used in words, and also a feel for beginning sounds.

After students have learned the alphabet and mastered beginning sounds, the ending sound pages can be used in the same way, to help students begin to be aware of and recognize ending sounds.

Download it now!

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