Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Download eBook of Conversations in English (Social Expression - UPSR)

  • Before you begin
Several different kinds of activites - conversations, pair work and role play - focus on speaking skills in this conversations course.
  • Conversations
These exercises can be used for both listening and speaking practice. They require you to work with a partner. Because the conversation exercises model conversational expressions and pronunciation and present relevant functions, accurate repetition of the conversations on the audio is important. However, you are not required to memorise them. Please use the “Look up and say” technique while practising the conversations. For this technique, you look at the page and them look up and say your line while maitaining eye contact with your partner.
  • Pair work
The program makes extensive use of pair work activities. As the title itself suggests, you need to work with a partner for this kind of activity. It is good to practice pair work activities with different partners at different times so as to bring in variety and also to maximise the amount of speaking practice you get.
  • Role play
These exercises are important for developing fluency and are also fun. In this type of activity, you need to assume the role of someone else.

p/s: Although the activities in this book emphasizes the importance of communication , it also can be used to hone the skills of UPSR candidates to answer the question related with social expression


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